Date: Friday, August 1, 2014    Time: 3:41  

Stop Misleading the Public

Kilifi County commissioner Mr. Erastus Ekidor has told a section of politicians in the area to stop misleading the public that the national government has no role to play at the county level.

He said the national and county governments were interdependent and should conduct their mutual relations on the basis of consultations and cooperation.

Mr. Ekidor was responding to recent utterances by some of the county representative who claimed that they could do without the national government in all matters of development.

The county politicians had told the central government to allow them to be constructing and maintain the roads in the county.

The representatives spoke during the County’s Mashujaa day celebrations at Karisa Maitha stadium in Kilifi town.

They bragged that they had at last managed to secure their “federal system” of government which they had fought for many years.

But the commissioner said it is erroneous, incorrect and illegal to mislead wananchi who could have little knowledge of what the constitution spells out in Article 6 sub-section 2 and schedule 4 of the same.

The constitution, he said, clearly defines the role of the national and county governments.

He appealed to the leaders in the area to speak the truth so that the public could understand the roles of the two governments.

By Harrison Yeri

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