Date: Friday, July 25, 2014    Time: 7:16  

Cash Transfer Funds Released

The government has disbursed Ksh. 7 million in the cash transfer programme to Vihiga and Sabatia sub-counties for the July and August cash cycle.

The cash transfer, benefits, vulnerable and orphaned children targeting a total of 1745 householders in the county.

Speaking at an area advisory council meeting on children affairs, yesterday, the Vihiga Sub-County children officer Mr. Michael Anjila said each household receives Ksh. 2,000/ every month paid in lump sum after every two months.

Mr. Anjila said the cash transfer had improved the lives of thousands of children in the two sub-counties by catering for their basic needs including education.

The AAC meeting was held at the District Information and Documentation Centre (DIDC) yesterday and was chaired by the Vihiga Deputy County Commissioner Mr. John Maingi.

Others present included a senior official from National Council for Children Services Mrs. Adelide Ngaru.

Mrs. Ng’aru said that the government should give sufficient funds to AAC to work efficiently and effectively.

Ng’aru said the issues affecting children today include defilement, child trafficking, child abandonment, neglect and other forms of child abuse.

She called upon Vihiga and Sabatia AAC to form sub-committees to address issues affecting the welfare of the children under their jurisdiction.

By Eddah Muchika


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