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Man with rare disease appeals for help to clear Sh 6.9m hospital bill 

A family of a 24 year old man ailing from a rare disease is appealing to well wishers to help them settle a bill of Sh. 6.9 million.

Eric Langat, a Bio System and Agriculture graduate from the University of Nairobi is admitted at the Intensive Care Unit at St Luke’s hospital in Eldoret.
His young brother, Ronald Langat, said Eric has been bedridden since April hence the huge bill.
“In a day, my brother is given an injection dosage worth Sh. 50,000 plus physiotherapy and other services amounting to Sh. 100,000,” said Ronald.
He said Eric fell sick in April and was admitted at Siloam Hospital in Kericho before being discharged.
However, he developed a mild pain in his lower limbs which spread to his upper body prompting him to seek further treatment at Kericho District hospital.
After examining him, doctors termed his condition unusual after he developed paralysis on his legs thus referring him to a neurosurgeon at St. Lukes Hospital.
A neurosurgeon, Dr. Florentius Koech said Langat is suffering from a rare disease known as GB Syndrome (Guillain Barre).
Dr. Koech said the disease which is viral, affects the nerves and spreads to the joints before lodging in the backbone and has no specific cause.
He said 30 percent of the people affected by the disease have high a chance of survival if it is detected early.
Dr. Koech said Langat’s condition has been controlled and he is recovering but it will take some time before he is back on his feet.
“We are working hard to manage the case and we pray that in six months time he shall have recovered fully”, expressed Dr. Koech.
Langat is not able to speak but he can hear and react to sights and sounds.
Once in a while, he sheds tears on seeing the number of well wishers trooping to the hospital to wish him well.
Ronald said a number of people have responded to his family’s call for contribution and by Thursday a total of Sh. 3, million had been raised
“We still call upon other well-wishers to come in and support us since the bill is accruing daily with Langat still at the ICU”, said Ronald.
Well-wishers can contribute through Pay Bill No: 745674 with the Account Name: Edwin Langat.

By Bethsheba Abuya

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