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University student admits to using drugs 

A  22-year-old university student charged with the offense of malicious damage to property on Monday stunned a Kericho Court when he admitted to using drugs after pleading guilty to destroying his mother’s TV set and woofer music system.

Dennis Kimweno, appeared before Kericho Chief Magistrate, Samuel Mokua charged that on 15 September this year at around 6.30pm at Kalacha village in Chebwagan location in Bureti sub-county within Kericho County, he destroyed a coloured TV set valued at Sh.14,000 and a woofer super sound system worth Sh.5,000 the property of his mother Purity Yegon.

The accused in mitigation pleaded for leniency though he did not specify the drug he was hooked to.

Kimweno said he is a third year medical lab student at Mount Kenya University (MKU) Thika, and was despite suffering from diarrhoea, chills and tremors afraid to report his drug habit to his mother.

He said he had travelled home to get cash for buying medication and destroyed the property out of anger after his mother denied him money.

The accused’s mother told the Court that she had recently discovered that her son failed to attend lectures while in the second year of his studies, after his step father visited the institution and not at any one time had their errant son bothered to report the matter to them.

The magistrate sternly advised Kimweno to take his life seriously.

“Who will take up our jobs if we do not have responsible people? We cannot work hard and leave this country to cabbages. You should see where you came from and what you want in life,” Said Mokua.

The court directed that a probation report be presented on 25 September 2017.

The prosecution tabled the facts to the case saying on the material day at 6.30pm, the accused arrived at his home drunk and demanded money from his mother saying he needed to travel back to the university.

The complainant refused to give the accused any money since the previous day she had given him Sh.3, 000.

The accused became enraged and chased his mother out of the house.

The accused went into the house and destroyed a colored TV set and a woofer music system, both valued at Sh.19, 000, property of his mother.

The accused’s mother reported the matter at Litein police station following which the son was arrested and charged with the offense.

The color TV set and the woofer music system were presented to court as exhibits in the case.

By  Sarah  Njagi

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