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Farmers in Gucha advised to be wary of pest infestations on their maize crop 

Farmers in Gucha Sub County have been advised to watch out for pest infestations on maize crops and take quick remedial action to save yields from destruction.
Gucha Sub County Agricultural officer Mr. Richard Ogendo said about 60 percent of maize crop in the area has been infested by pests, an early indication of poor yield for this season.

He said much of the maize crop in the area have been affected by both fall armyworms and maize stalk borer pests.

“Maize crop farmers in Gucha sub County are already panicking because they never prepared in advance to counter such a calamity when planting their crop,” the Agricultural officer said.

“Fear has gripped many maize crop farmers that they may not attain maximum yield from their farms for lack of sufficient resources to buy appropriate pesticides to contain the extensive damage caused by these pests on their crop,” Mr. Ogendo remarked.

The agricultural officer advised farmers to buy pesticides they can afford and spray early in the morning or very late in the evening in the tunnel of the maize stalk to eliminate the pests before they can attack maize crops that have not yet been affected.

“We are in touch with various relevant agricultural research stakeholders to conduct a detailed investigation on the source, spread and relevant control strategies of these pests that have threatened the food security situation not just in Gucha but in the whole country Rift valley being the worst hit,” he Agricultural officer assured.

By Deborah Bochere

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