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Senator Dismiss claims by outlawed MRC officials 

Kilifi County Senator Stewart Madzayo has dismissed claims by the outlawed Mombasa Republican Council officials that their call for secession was not in good faith.

The Senator said, the current campaign of secession was different from the one initiated by the MRC since it was violent while the NASA team sought to use available legal channels to achieve its objective.

Speaking to the press at  the Kilifi senator’s office , Madzayo who is the secretary of the Coast parliamentary Group said a team of lawyers has been appointed to spearhead  plans for secession arguing that MRC failed to engage the political leadership, scholars, and lawyers over the matter that’s why they did not get any support.

The senator was reacting to statements by the MRC spokesman Mr. Rashid Mraja who said on Friday that the call for secession by Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho and his Kilifi Counterpart Amason Kingi was selfish and could trigger violence.

Senator Madzayo said, his team has engaged lawyers to study and give direction on the way forward on the secession matters.

“Our approach  is different from  MRC, we shall go round all over the Coast region  to seek residents opinion and their suggestions to be included, do consultative forums with everyone in the Coast region,’’ he said.

He said they will later engage local and international lawyers, historians, youth, academicians, religious leaders, Kaya elders, historical documents with information about the Coast region.

The Kilifi Senator who is a former Judge  of the Industrial Court and a lawyer said he helped many of the MRC suspects  on “probono “  basis since most coast leaders were opposed to their ideals.

Madzayo said they would engage people like Asians, Nubians and whoever lived at the Coast and even those from upcountry who have lived in the region.

“Since Independence  50 years ago what have we achieved? Nothing absolutely, in terms of ambassadorial, positions in government. We are saying enough is enough we cannot continue contributing to the national kitty yet there is nothing in return,’’ he claimed.

He told the MRC to join hands and champion for the secession in a legal manner.

By Simon Guruba


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