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Mumias Sugar Factory resumes operations 

The  Chief  Executive Officer (CEO) of Mumias Sugar Factory, Nashon  Aseka has said that all efforts were being made not to delay payments to farmers for the cane delivered to the factory.

Aseka said that the factory had resumed crushing of cane and strategies are being put in place to pay farmers who are delivering cane in a period of one week without delay.

“The factory owes farmers about Sh. 800 million which will be paid once operations stabilize,” he observed.

He said that farmers who had taken up other crops in place of cane were willing to continue planting cane which is a major cash crop in the area and that the land was available.

The CEO said that the company would work closely with the County government of Kakamega to develop sugar cane growing through the agricultural department.

“Farmers are the key stakeholders in the sugar factory and that their needs have to be attended to in time so that they take care of sugarcane,” he said, adding that the factory will be running at least four days in a week.

The factory closed down early this year for maintenance but delayed in opening reportedly because of lack of cane for crushing.

Farmers have welcomed the move by the factory to resume crushing of cane which is the main cash crop in the area.

By  Catherine  Nyongesa

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