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Fishermen arrested by Ugandan authorities released 

Five out of the seventeen fishermen who were arrested by Ugandan security personnel have been released.

The  seventeen fishermen were arrested when fishing in Lake Victoria near Remba Island in Homa Bay County on Sunday and Monday, and were taken to Riabana and Kalangala Islands in Uganda.

Yesterday, five fishermen who were detained at Riabana were released after paying fines of Sh.11, 000 each to Ugandan authorities.

The  Homa Bay County Beach Management Network Chairman, Edward Oremo, said

they had to raise funds from friends and relatives to facilitate their release.

“The five fishermen were released after parting with a total of Sh.55, 000. Three have come to Remba while we are still organizing transport for the other two to return home,” said Oremo.

He said a total of twelve fishermen were under detention out of which six were at Kalangala while the other six were at Riabana.

The fishermen called on the Inspector General of Police, Joseph Boinnet, to assign marine police officers in Lake Victoria to protect them from tribulations they undergo in the hands of the Ugandan security personnel.

“Ugandan police persistently harass fishermen in this Lake. I call upon Mr. Boinnet to assign marine police in this Lake to protect us from the frustrations,” said Oremo.

He lamented that foreign police officers were fond of arresting Kenyan fishermen even in the Kenyan water for no reason.

Addressing the press, County Commander, Marius Tum confirmed that the fishermen were arrested and that some had been released.

He said they have launched investigations and assured that the remaining fishermen would soon be brought back.

Tum also urged fishermen to avoid fishing around the Kenya Uganda boarder.

By  Seth  Okoth/Davis  Langat

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