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Seven adults sit their KCSE in Nyahururu 

Seven learners, among them six women and one man in the adult and continuing studies, are sitting for this year’s Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) in Nyahururu.

The Nyahururu Sub-County Director of Adult and Continuing Education, Stephen Mugi confirmed that the students were sitting their exams at Bishop Louis High School, in Nyahururu town.

Mugi however, lamented that despite the urge from learners at Thomson-falls GK prison to undertake secondary education and exams, the management had not permitted them.

“Prisoners from Nyahururu may want to be part of adult and continuing students but the management has been poor, they have not been keen on offering secondary education to the prisoners as done in Naivasha GK prison,” Mugi noted.

According to the officer, those sitting their exams had been doing their studies as private candidates at African inland church (AIC) with six tutors attending to them on part time basis.

“We have not been able to have regular lessons to students as the teachers come on part-time basis and at times when we employ a tutor and he gets a job elsewhere, we cannot force him to remain,” Mugi said.

Irregular teaching has resulted to poor performance with the first student attaining a C plain in the last examination back in 2013.

“In the last exams students were not able to perform as it was expected because of students staying away from lessons, due to fees problems and others having commitments elsewhere, as most of them are parents who have other duties,” added Mugi.

Despite dismal performance in the past years Mugi hoped there will be an improvement this year as the students have been well prepared.

By  Anne  Sabuni/David  Kamere


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