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KWS personel capture a rogue lion in Magarini Sub County 

Kenya  Wildlife  Service  rangers have captured a lion suspected to have killed one person and about ten heads of cattle in Magarini Sub County.

The lion said to have escaped from Tsavo East National Park had invaded Ramada area and killed three cattle, three days ago.

KWS  officers had a rough time controlling the crowd at Ramada area that was jostling to see the captured lion.

Speaking to the press at the scene on Thursday, David Mokabi, the Deputy Senior Warden at the Malindi Marine Park said the lion had caused a lot of destruction and urged the affected families to file for compensation.

Ms. Judith Nema Ngonyo, a resident, breathed a sigh of relief saying they were now free to wake up early and fetch water for their families.

“Villagers were scared to an extent that people had to urinate in tins at night to avoid attacks,” she said adding that “the lion used to roar the whole night outside the house.”

Early this year, the lion is said to have mauled a man at Adu village and killed hundreds of goats before disappearing and later resurfacing at Marafa ward.

Ramada area assistant chief, Justin Karisa said it took months for KWS to trace and trap the lion.

“We had never seen a lion before but we were used to hear its roar and later see dead cattle that has been killed by the lion,” said Karisa.

Karisa said students were forced to walk in groups as a security measure to avoid lion attacks.

By  Simon  Guruba


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