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Police harassment forced youths to engage in illegal militia 

Frequent anti-terror police swoops in Isiolo have been blamed for the increase in the number of youth taking drugs and those who have joined illegal militias such as Al-shaabab.

The  Isiolo Women Rep, Ms. Rehema Jaldesa said that anti- terror police were arresting innocent youths without conducting proper investigations and unnecessarily detaining them for months.

Speaking  to the journalists in her Isiolo office on Thursday, Ms. Jaldesa said most families cannot trust police officers with any confidential information due to poor relationship with the communities.

The  MP said that about 20 boys have been arrested for the last six months without any proper investigation, and slapped with exorbitant bond of Sh. 2 million which most could not raise.

She cited a recent case of a primary school teacher from Sericho who was arrested by anti-terror police officers following which wananchi raised concern over delayed investigation.

Ms. Jaldesa appealed to the Inspector General of police to set a special team that could ably investigate Isiolo issues without bias.

By  Abduba  Mamo

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