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Ngilu in bid to cement ties with the church 

The  Kitui  Governor, Charity Ngilu has embarked on efforts to strengthen ties with the church in a bid to build a participatory and consensus oriented governance.

Addressing hundreds of members of local clergy at the Agricultural Training Hall in Kitui Town on Wednesday, Ngilu said true leadership lies within a transparent leadership that is sensitive to the needs of the people.

She reiterated her commitment to make a difference in the livelihoods of Kitui people, by investing in viable ventures that will directly touch them.

The governor vowed to make frequent engagements with the church, which she termed as a crucial development partner, to ensure a smooth running of county affairs.

“I called you here today as members of the church, to consult on how we can work together and change Kitui,” she said.

Ngilu said the meeting between the County administration and the clergy was part of her goodwill to fortify positive relations between different stakeholders in the county.

She emphasized on the need to embrace a paradigm shift in service delivery and life transformation through a responsive and accountable approach of leadership that prioritizes the common man.

“Time has come to shift all focus to the common man, which is my primary agenda,” she said.

The governor said her government has achieved significant establishments in all sectors of development in less than 100 days in office, and called upon all leaders to support her vision for the county.

The former Primate of the Anglican Church of Kenya and Bishop of the Diocese of All Saints Cathedral, Benjamin Nzimbi who was present said the clergy should join hands with the county administration.

They unanimously agreed to support the Governor in her ambitions to push the county forward.

“The clergy must shift from oratory approach to being proactive, this is the beginning of true service delivery,” said the former nominated MP, Bishop Robert Mutemi.

Bishop Mutemi said the consultative meeting was a wakeup call to unite for greater milestones in development of the region.

By  Kiama  Wamutitu/ Tom  Waita


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