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National Government donates two exhausters to Busia County 

Busia Deputy Governor Moses Mulomi flagging off the two exhauster trucks outside the County Government premises. He advised Busia Water and Sewerage Company to take good care of the trucks as they provide services to the local residents-Photo by Salome Alwanda-KNA

The National Government through LVEMP II has donated two exhauster trucks to Busia County with a view to boost its sanitation.

Speaking to the press while flagging off the vehicles, Busia Deputy Governor Moses Mulomi said the trucks valued at Sh 23 million will help relieve the county and the local residents of high costs that were being charged by a private company which has been providing the services over the years.

“At the moment, only about 15% of Busia town is covered by appropriate sewerage, and even where there are sewerage the situation is quite old and they require revamping,” he said adding that the services were  also expensive.

Mulomi added that the county government was working closely with other partners, especially the National Government and the World Bank to ensure that during LVEMP phase III that a comprehensive sewerage system is established in Busia town and other centres like Malaba where some work is already ongoing.

He exuded confidence that the initiative will improve the lives of the local residents through improved sanitation.

“We are launching equipment worth Sh 23 million in value and these will be used  by institutions, colleges, markets and other institutions that require service,” he said urging Busia Sewerage Company to use the trucks well.

The Deputy Governor pointed out that the services will be cost effective with shs. 6,000 being the minimum cost per load, adding that currently the services are a big challenge to the residents.

“I also know the County government will ensure that this company is able to grow and develop into an effective and independent institution as it is supposed to be,” he said adding that plans are underway by the government through its budgetary allocation to give shs. 20 million to the company to enhance its service provision.

Mulomi urged the residents to give the company the necessary support by ensuring that they pay due charges where necessary so that there is reciprocal service delivery.

He at the same time said the County government was working with the Kenya National Highway Authority (KENHA) to work on the main road to Busia adding that other donors were also willing to partner with them to ensure that the work is done.

By Salome Alwanda

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