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Withdraw EALA list of nominees, livestock marketing council chair says 

Chairman Kenya Livestock Marketing Council Dubat Amey now wants the list of candidates to the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) presented by both Jubilee and NASA immediately withdrawn.
Addressing the press in Garissa town Saturday, Amey said the list as presented to parliament is dominated by party loyalists, close relatives and rejected leaders from both political formations.
Amey said this did not arguer well with the efforts being put in place to bridge deep seated differences following the protracted electioneering period that has divided the country right in the middle.
“Don’t we have Kenyan technocrats with fresh ideas that can propel this country other than recycling old leaders with old same mentality, and who have in the past added no value to the politics of this country,” Amey said.
“The list consists of leaders whose background and past are questionable. They have been in government and other institutions which they did little to transform. We are tired as Kenyans of seeing the same faces and individuals over and over again,” he added.
Amey said that Kenyans expect that going forward, appointments to key positions in the country should be filled based on ideas, aspirations that bring the country together and represent the face of Kenya.
ODM submitted the name of former MP Oburu Oginga, Fatuma Ali, Abubakar Zein, Abubakar Aden, Beth Syengo and Loy Maviala while wiper fronted Kennedy Musyoka (son of Kalonzo Musyoka, the party leader), Angela Munyasya, and Winfed Mutua. Musalia’s ANC settled on NASA chief executive officer Norman Magaya, Jane Marwa and Justus Mochoge.
On the other hand, Jubilee’s list consists mainly former MPs and civil servants among them Charles Nyachae and Simon Mbugua.
Amey said that at independence, the late president Jomo Kenyatta picked technocrats irrespective of their colour, religion or political background who helped to propel the country.
“In his nomination, Kenyatta picked people of Arab descent, Europeans, Indians and minority tribes. Currently you rarely see these faces when it comes to public appointments,” he added.
Dubat said as a country, there is need to go back and ‘retrace our steps and find out where the rain started biting us’.
“If we have to unite this country, then we should start with appointments to key positions where all Kenyans will feel included in government,” he said.
By Jacob Songok

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