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Former Garissa governor Nathif ‘may withdraw’ petition against Korane 

Garissa governor Ali Korane (centre) with the elders from his clan and that of former governor Nathif Jama after a 3 hour meeting to broker a deal that will see Nathif withdraw the petition case challenging the election of Karane in the August 8 polls

Elders from former Garissa governor Nathif Jama’s Aulihan clan have hinted at the possibility of the ex-governor withdrawing his petition challenging Governor Ali Korane’s victory in August elections.
Briefing the press Tuesday after a three hour meeting at a Garissa hotel between elders from Korane and Nathif’s clan, Aulihan Sultan Hamud Sheikh said they accepted the plea from their counterparts to withdraw the case.
Contacted on phone, Nathif who was non-committal on the matter promised to talk about it at a later time.
According to sources, the former governor is allegedly ‘under pressure to withdraw the case although he was reluctant to do so.’
Nathif moved to court challenging Korane’s win saying ‘it was a sham marred with massive irregularities’.
Korane who run on a Jubilee party ticket garnered 59,871 votes. Nathif (Wiper) came in second with 55,156.
However Hamud noted that they had spoken to Nathif and ‘had agreed to withdraw the petition’.
“We want the residents of Garissa to know that Nathif has officially withdrawn the petition. We the clan elders have collectively agreed to work with Korane,” Hamud said.
The Sultan who was flanked by his elders said that whatever they were saying had his (Nathif) blessings and that they were not in any way contradicting Nathif’s stand.
Hamud said the elders held discussion with the former governor and ’he is the one who send us here’.
He said the decision to withdraw the case was for the sake of ‘peace and stability of the county’.
The Aulihan Sultan said the petition ‘had attracted a lot of attention that had in turn generated a lot of tension. This was not good for our security’.
By Jacob Songok

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