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Army Worms Invade Isiolo Government Offices 

The marauding fall army worms have now invaded the highly protected Government Offices in Isiolo town.
The wormsinvaded vegetation outside the veterinary department offices and within hours cleared all the leaves before moving their voracious hunger toother governmentcompounds causing panic among workers.
Isiolo Chief Officer of Agriculture Livestock and Fisheries Adan Jadesa said the pest started by invading parts of Rift Valley including Samburu county but has now landed in Isiolo.
“It has affected more than 200 acres of land in Isiolo central alone but we are trying to control it using strong pesticides received from Crop Protective Services in Nairobi and we are doing our best to control the situation. The only challenge is that the worms have developed immunity to some pesticides and we do not have enough,” said the Chief Officer.
“The farmers tried to control it at their own level but failed. We are now trying to contain it using the recommended pesticides from Nairobi but one type of three types of pesticides is not very effective but the other two are doing very well,” said the Chief Officer.
“I am a medical doctor, the governor is a doctor and the speaker of the County Assembly is a doctor and hence we will make sure that the health sector performs in this county and we will make sure that we make the Isiolo Referral Hospital the best in the country,” said the County Deputy Executive Boss.
By David Mutwiri

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