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Garissa to carry out fresh audit of its debts 

Garissa County government will carry out a fresh audit on alleged Sh. 4.3 billion debts inherited from former administration.

The debt was contained in a report presented to Garissa governor Ali Korane by the assumption of office committee that also organized his swearing in ceremony.

Addressing the press in his office Tuesday, Korane said he had doubt on the kind of projects or services rendered by the previous administration.

“The only way to dispose this matter is to carry out a fresh audit that I believe will give a clear picture of the debt owed,” Korane said.

“I have seen the report. We don’t have such money and I don’t see us paying this amount in the near future,” he added.

The Governor said the audit team should provide proof of whatever services rendered, projects implemented fully and their quality.

“For now I cannot comment of existence of projects whether they are of quality and have been completed, all will be known by this fresh audit,” he added.

According to the assumption of office report Garissa county government inherited about Sh. 4.3 billion debt from previous administration being debt owed to contractors and other service providers.

Department of public service debt stands at Sh17.1 million, trade is Sh 141.4million and Health Sh.78.3 million. Other departments are Lands (Sh. 198.5 million), Environment (Sh. 352.7million), education (Sh. 224million), Youth and Sports (Sh. 60.1 million), Water (Sh. 773.9 million and Finance (Sh. 973.7 million).

The report also indicates County affairs department has a debt of Sh. 100.5 million while that of culture has a burden of Sh. 10.8 million, Livestock debt is Sh. 67.1 million. Agriculture department’s liability stands at Sh. 29.1 million.

Some of the arrears accrued are outstanding utility bills such as rent and electricity with some of departmental offices having been locked due to accumulated bills.

By Jacob Songok


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