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Women arrested for undergoing female cut 

Police officers at Sachangwan in Molo Sub County have arrested six married women soon after they underwent Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

The security team working on a tip off from an elderly lady lauded her effort saying that such culprits going against the law should be brought to book.

The granny had been instructed to shelter the sixladies as they knew police were looking for them.

She accepted but after a while alerted local administrators and police who took action as soon as they arrived at the homestead.

The six are currently receiving treatment at Molo sub-county hospital. A medical report confirmed that they had all been cut and the wounds had bacterial infection.

Sachangwan Assistant County Commissioner, Peter Mutiso confirmed the incident, saying that the affected women will continue to receive treatment at the health facility and will later be arraigned in court to answer relevant charges.

Mutiso reminded the public that the government will not relent in fighting against such retrogressive culture.

The area assistant chief, Peter Kipkemoi observed there was need for intensive sensitization especially among men who are blamed for pushing women into the practice for them to be recognized as complete and fit to be wife material.

Kipkemoi said the arrested women claimed that their husbands pushed them into committing the act, hence the need to enlighten men on dangers of FGM.

“Men ought to lead in the fight against FGM for a secure generation who will have zero tolerance to such practices,” he noted.

Earlier this week during a girls’ training on alternative rites of passage in Molo, area legislator, KuriaKimani noted that efforts by the local administration to fight the vice had yielded some fruits as FGM cases were on a decline.

Police officers are still pursuing the woman who conducted the cut.

By  Emily  Kadzo

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