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Residents confused over status of border town 

Nyahururu town traders want the debate on which county between Laikipia and Nyandarua, owns the town, to be cleared to allow it develop for their good.

The business community feels that long tussles stalled development of the town, in turn stagnating the value of their properties and investments.

Residents of Nyandarua County claim to own the once Nyandarua District Headquarters with most of the district’s resource having developed the now thriving tourist hub.

“Nyahururu has never been Nyandarua’s they have all along been foreign investors seeking to grow their wealth here. We are therefore under no obligation to release it to them.

“Nyahururu High school, Elite Private schools and Nyandarua Boarding primary school are all registered in Nyandarua County and resources that developed the public schools were Nyandarua District’s,” noted Macharia Kamau a resident of the town.

Salome Nasimiyu a business woman selling clothes and a resident in Nyahururu town added that the stalemate was affecting service delivery and long term investments plans.

The town is at the confluence of major highways linking it to Nairobi, Nakuru, Maralal and Nyeri thus aiding in the transportation of agricultural, particularly dairy products.

Nyandarua County has now embarked on setting up its headquarter in OlKalau town, with the shift proving to be more expensive as residents blame their former leaders of allowing the protracted confusion and misallocation of funds.

“I plan to lodge claims on Nyahururu town that is a commercial hub for Nyandarua County, its facilities are now locked up after its transfer to Laikipia County,” Governor Francis Kimemia vowed when he took oath of office in August, 2017.

Some residents are proposing a referendum aimed at breaking the deadlock on status of the town.

By Kennedy Wanjiru and Michael Njoroge

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