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AFC reopens branch in Samburu in Maralal town 

The  Agricultural Finance Corporation (AFC) has reopened its branch in Maralal town, 26 years after it closed shop in the area.

Addressing the press on Wednesday, Samburu County Executive Member in charge of  Agriculture, Vincent  Learaman said the corporation was reopened following diversification measures by farmers who should now borrow loans.

“We are no longer fully pastoralists. We are also agro-pastoralists and crop farmers planting cereals such as wheat, maize, and beans,” he said.

AFC’s operations team leader, Millicent Omukaga said that the institution acted on the residents request to reopen, adding that the institution will target 2000 farmers.

“We shall loan out Sh. 100 million for the start, with a10 percent interest,” she said, adding that the national government was committed to supporting agriculture in devolved units.

By  Lelendu  Petik

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