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Opinions Divided Over Quest to amend the constitution 

The quest by the opposition leaders and self-proclaimed “National resistance movement” to amend the constitution is likely to create political intolerance and instability in the country.

Speaking to KNA at Kiambu Law Court  Mr. Nicholas Mbatia a lawyer said that all political leaders and Kenyans of goodwill should embrace peace and co exist harmoniously.

He also observed that it was prudent to check the runaway wage bill in the country to avoid unnecessary expenses in their quest to amend the constitution.

He added that the opposition handlers have jumped the gun in suggesting the amendment of the constitution stating that Kenya was not ready for another political fiasco barely a year after the 8th  of August and on 26 of October elections that left the nation polarized right in the middle.

Mr. Mbatia said that the opposition needed majority in the National Assembly to adopt an amendment bill to the supreme law bill  promulgated on August 2010.

He stated that with only 8 years in existence, the constitution does not require amendment since full implementation was delivered recently stating that the intentions for the opposition will be setting for more slots in government.

The lawyer pointed out that a bill shall have been passed by parliament when each house both the National Assembly, and the senate adding that the final report would be made by all 47 county assemblies by not less than 2/of all members of that house.

“Subject to the amendment to the constitution may be in the form of a general suggestions or a formulated draft of a bill tabled before the assemblies and their responses captured”he said.

Mr. Otieno Oyieke, another lawyer of the high court opined that an amendment to the constitution can be proposed by a popular initiative signed by more than 100,000 registered voters.

He explained that if 24 county assemblies approved the bill within 3 months after the date was submitted by the commission the speaker will deliver a copy to the speakers of both houses.

He noted that, although the opposition has the minority numbers in parliament, people’s assembly would be their alternative to ensure that they collect one million signatures from registered voters to enable them cross over the bridge and succeed to push for an amendment

“The amendment is in volition to changing the constitution for a better nation with the governance system through parliament or the electorate’s decision. If the amendment succeed, this will cost tax payers to dig deep into their pockets” Mr. Oyieke stated.

As the political temperature continue hitting the ground running, the opposition coalition remains focused in amending the constitution after its promulgation in 2010 with its key agenda to change the system of governance in the country, while the government insists on focusing of development.

The opposition coalition is planning to implement its agenda among them electoral injustices experienced in the just concluded general elections in which the first round were nullified by the supreme court and a fresh poll ordered but the government has remained non-committed.

By Lydia Shiroya andNelson Muchoki


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