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Anxiety Grips Kiambu Over AG’s Exit 

President Uhuru Kenyatta at a state function

The recent resignation of Githu Muigai as Attorney General was greeted with mix reaction at his native residence in Ndumberi location where locals considered him to be one of the closest people to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

A bar owner from Ndumberi trading centre Mr. Joash Wanyoike said some decisions taken by the elite from his region like the one for the former Attorney General could not be taken for granted by the local residents.

He explained that unless there were compelling reasons for him to resigned, his exit  was sending bad signals  with some people wondering what was happening in Government circles.

The businessman said  Githu was one of the senior officers in government from the region and  should have stayed put until the end of President Uhuru’s tenure claiming his ‘premature’ resignation was raising eyebrows.

Speaking to KNA  from Kiambu County Assembly the member of County assembly (MCA) for Ndumberi Mr. Kamaguru Kimani however said he had no problem with Githu Muigai’s resignation.

He said the exit created room for change arguing that the country was endowed with intelligent people who were equally fit to fill the vacancy.

He added that the image that the government was having is a representation of him as an advisor of the president. “As a principal government advisor the government shouldn’t be shaken by the decision he had taken, but should allow him to move on with his plans.”

Many cases are being brought against the government thus tarnishing the government’s appearance and his name, and it was a decision taken at the right time to save the face of the institution he represented.

A lot of people have unanswered questions about why he might have resigned as attorney general when he seemed to be reading from the same script with the President. Mr. Kamaguru said the public prosecution, attorney general and solicitor general offices seemed to be having internal wars thus the changes in the officers if the President found it wise.

“Githu’s resignation is a normal happening and there shall be no problem in Government” he noted while congratulating the Executive’s nominee who is the Court of Appeal Judge, Justice Paul Kariuki. He said the incoming was competent and was therefore expected to perform his best.

Githu Muigai hails from Ndumberi location of Kiambu County.

By Lydia Shiroya and Phidelma Peris

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