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Saleh names Al-Shabaab sympathisers behind attack in Wajir 

The  North Eastern Regional Coordinator, Mohamud  Saleh has made public the names of Kenyan Al-Shabaab operatives suspected to be behind the killing of two teachers and a woman at Qarsa village near Konton border town about 70 kms from Wajir town.

The two non-locals whose identity could not be revealed because their next of kin had not been informed were teachers at Qarsa boarding primary school.

They were ambushed at about 2.30 am while asleep. The woman is the wife of to one of the male victims of the attack.

Another teacher, a local, was injured during the attack. He was briefly taken captive but released mid-way after the militants realized he was bleeding from gunshot wounds.

Addressing the press in his office on Saturday, Saleh said Maalim Yussuf Abdullahi ID number 6391151 was the commander. His mother is Ambia Kassim Madey and they leave near Boji Qaras. His wife with whom they have three children is Robai Noor Abdille. She hails from Kotulo, Wajir County.

His  accomplices are Daud Ahmed Mohamed also from Kotulo with his cousin Abdirashid Ibrahim Osman.

Saleh regretted that the trio  were spotted in the area on Thursday where they took dinner in one of the houses within the village before carrying  out the attack and disappearing into the darkness.

He  instructed the chiefs from the area to produce the suspects forthwith, adding that Al-Shabaab attacks in the area are being carried out and led by Kenyan youths known to the community.

“I am now instructing my chiefs from the area to produce these Al-Shabaab elements. Unless they produce them they will continue harassing Kenyans and attacking other soft targets including government institutions,” said Saleh.

“I would like to tell wananchi in those areas to work closely with security apparatus by volunteering information because it is only by doing so that the officers will be able to act on time,” said Saleh.

Saleh said a contingent of security personnel led by KDF was combing the area all the way to the border with war torn Somalia in pursuit of the suspects.

“The operation will continue until these guys are apprehended and brought to book. We are optimistic of getting results in the next 24 hours,” said Saleh.

Meanwhile the bodies of the three victims have been flown to Nairobi where their next of kin will be notified.

The County AP Commander, Mohamed Sheikh led a security team to the area while another team from Khorot Harar AP camp were also said to be pursuing the militants from the border.

Area MP Rashid Kassim, speaking to the press in Wajir, said there was urgent need to reinforce police posts especially those along the border because they are vulnerable to militant’s attacks.

“As leaders, we have time and again appealed to the government to think of adding and equipping security personnel stationed at the border line. This makes it impossible for the militants to outnumber them in the event of an ambush or attacks,” he said.

The incident comes a day after four people were seriously injured when two pastoralist families living in Wajir East clashed over water and pasture. The four are nursing panga cuts at various hospitals in Wajir town.

By  Jacob  Songok

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