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Young men earn their living through Beauty therapy in Kerugoya 

A group of young men in Kerugoya have turned to offering Beauty therapy as a way of making their ends meet.

The  venture according to Simon Njagi has turned popular with many of the ladies who are now lining up for services like the manicure and pedicure.

“We have established over eight small kiosks at Kerugoya stage market where we carry out our trade” Njagi said.

He said the business previously an undertaking for the ladies is now changing tact with the ladies now preferring men than their women colleague.

Susan Njeri a regular customer for the services said men appears to give you all rather than the women who at times behaves like they are envious of you

She said the services are also cheap as compared to going in a salon, which sometimes can be twice as much.

Njagi said he learned the trade at Nyeri in 2013 but moved to Kirinyaga in 2016 to try his luck.

He says he has since inspired and trained other young men how to do it and that’s when they started the business.

Njagi said the trade is good as it has enabled him procure a motorbike, built a house and still run other small businesses with the income he earns.

He said that what keeps the business running is their hard work and being committed to what they do making it easier to maintain their customers for a long time.

Kennedy Sina also takes the industry as any other business and has inspired a lot of people since he started the business. “I wanted to help people feel good about themselves.

Sina said he pursued medicine back in college but later felt that was not what he wanted to do.

He said he later abandoned medicine and joined a beauty college where he trained in beauty therapy.

Sina said that some of the challenges they face is stubbornness from some customers who keep on changing the ideas of their manicure half way through.

“It is a good dealing to run since unlike other business you don’t require a large amount of capital to start.” He said.

Sina said they have many customers during April, August and December holidays when schools are closed.

“I encourage the young men to try their hand in the trade instead of staying idle at home and wasting their time looking for the white collar jobs.” He said

By  Esther  Njoki/Irungu  Mwangi

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