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Civil Servants Welfare embarks on a housing scheme for members 

The  Kenya  Civil  Servants  Welfare  Association has embarked on an ambitious project of constructing 22, 000 housing units at a cost of Sh.70 billion for government employees in the next three years.

The  Union Secretary  General, Francis  Ngariuku  said the scheme which comprises three projects in Mlolongo, Kitengela and Juja areas will be financed through a concessional loan from two American banks- National, Standard and the National Finance Limited.

He said contractors were already on site in Mlolongo and Kitengela where 11,000 units comprising two and three bedroom apartments and maisonettes will be put up on 200-acre pieces of land.

Speaking to KNA Thursday, Ngariuku said the first tranche of Sh. 8 billion had already been released to the contractors for the commencement of construction works.

He said once complete, the units will be priced at between Sh. 6 to 12 million, that could be payable via mortgage plan of between 12 to 20 years at an interest rate of not more than five percent.

He said they were already in talks with a local bank that will be offering mortgage loans to interested buyers.

The official said they had already identified space in Juja where the third scheme will be coming up, adding that they were finalizing on sale and transfer of land ownership.

At the same time, Ngariuku said they are also engaged in another ambitious undertaking of putting up a hospital complex at a cost of Sh. 40 billion within Nairobi.

He said the project set to commence in June subject to acquisition of a construction site, will be financed by the Iranian government with Kenyan government getting 30 percent of ownership rights.

The facility that according to the union official will have a bed capacity of 800 will among other services, offer training to medical students at diploma level.

He said the facility set to take five years to complete will be second largest to Kenyatta National Hospital, adding that among notable installations would be a helipad for dropping patients brought by air.

By  Samuel  Waititu

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