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Gatundu Women  Blamed for Upsurge of Defilement 

Women have been blamed for contributing to the upsurge of defilement and incest cases in Gatundu Sub-county of Kiambu County.

Gatundu sub-county children officer Mr. Gabriel Kitili while talking to KNA Saturday blamed mothers for leaving their children with their husbands when they left their marital homes after disagreeing with their husbands.

He was speaking during celebrations to mark the Kiambu County day of the African Child at Thiririka grounds in Juja sub-county yesterday.

Mr. Kitili explained that many women had of late abandoned their children in anger whenever they disagreed with their husbands which exposed children to being defiled by their fathers and other relatives in the villages.

He advised them to go away with their children if the differences were irreconcilable. “Please take your children with you and when they are of age, you can hand them over to their fathers as they will be able to protect themselves from the sex pests,” he said.

Mr. Kitili said in the Kikuyu community, children belonged to the mother and that is a fact they should not ignore. “These women have started copying those from Meru and western regions where the children belonged to the father.  This new culture is causing neglect and suffering to the children especially girls and should be brought to an end, he said.

Elsewhere in Kikuyu and Kabete, the children’s officer Ms. Harriet Kihara says consumption of illicit brews and hard drugs had contributed to the upsurge in the defilement and incest cases.

She said there was need for the government to work round the clock to eliminate them so that men remained sober and took care of their families.

Kihara lauded Volunteer children’s officers for being helpful in identifying children in distress so that her department could come in to rescue them and place them under protection.


By Lydia Shiroya

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