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Acute sugar shortage hits Kirinyaga and neighboring counties 


An acute sugar shortage has hit Kirinyaga County after the commodity had  been seized from all the outlets as crackdown of contrabands intensifies across the country.

The shortage has escalated into a crisis with teachers in the county who head boarding secondary and primary schools expressing fears their students could riot.

Yesterday most of the teachers spent the day looking for the scarce commodity which has vanished from the shelves.

At a supermarket within Sagana town several school buses remained parked outside as the shop owners declined to stock the commodity for fear of being impounded by police.

An area Jubilee operative Muriithi Kangara yesterday expressed fears that the shortage was likely to spark out riots in schools as students reject taking tea and porridge without sugar.

“Unless the said poisoned sugar is addressed urgently the entire country is likely to experience a crisis which would later explode into something uncontainable,” Kangara said.

Kangara also took issue with the sugar traders who import it duty free only to retail the commodity later exorbitantly to Kenyans who are the taxpayers.

A survey by KNA in most sugar outlets established that many outlets had  empty shelves with residents opting to take sugarless tea.

Supermarket owners and other retailers said they were fearing to stock any sugar for fear police would impound the commodity.

“We have decided not to stock any sugar since the moment realise we have  the stock they will rush and impound it leaving us incurring heavy losses ,”said Jane Wanja, a supermarket owner at Kianyaga market.

Wanja said the crackdown has hurt most business people and it was the high time the government came out with a comprehensive statement over the matter.

By Irungu Mwangi

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