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More than 3.2 Million Kenyans file income tax returns as deadline closes 

More than 3.2 Million Kenyans filed their 2017 income tax returns as the filing period officially closed on Saturday 30th June, 2018, KRA’s Commissioner of Domestic Taxes Department, Benson  Korongo has confirmed.

Korongo said in a statement sent to newsrooms on Tuesday that the figure signified 60 per cent improvement from last year whereby two million Kenyans filed their returns by 30th June.

The statement attributed the success to efficiency of the iTax platform and the increased awareness campaign undertaken by Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), encouraging early filing of returns as well as on-site filing support extended to organizations countrywide.

It added that KRA acknowledged and appreciated all taxpayers who turned up to the patriotic call to pay their taxes and file timely tax returns within the year 2017. “Thank you for demonstrating responsibility as Kenyans,” it went on.

“We value you as a taxpayer. Thank you for being among the more than 3.2 Million responsive Kenyans who filed their annual income tax returns and all others who complied with other tax obligations. KRA recognize your contribution towards making the country self-sustainable,”Korongo said.

Korongo reminded all taxpayers that late payment and filing of taxes attracted hefty penalties and interests therefore urging Kenyans to be tax compliant and file their returns promptly.

“In the spirit of building taxpayers’ trust as stipulated in our mission statement, KRA has demonstrated commitment in facilitating all taxpayers to comply with the relevant tax laws. We remain committed to serving you,” he said

By  Alice  Gworo

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