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Deploy more Chiefs in Juja to assist us fight crime 

Residents of Juja in Thika sub county now want the government to deploy more chiefs in the area to help in the fight against the recent trend of crime that has hit the area.

The residents said that cases of drug abuse and consumption of illicit brews have escalated in the recent past triggering insecurity and other societal problems.

Speaking on Tuesday at the Premier Bag Playing Grounds during a public Baraza by the Central Regional Commissioner (RC), Wilson  Njega the residents told the RCC that abuse of drugs and second generation alcohol had weakened education standards, adding that many young students were dropping out of school to join drugs peddling groups.

“Many young children from this area have dropped out of school to smoke bhang. They have been reduced to zombies and cannot be productive by any means. Without chiefs, it will be difficult to combat crimes,” said a  Julius Macharia.

Lamenting that Juja was a large sub county without enough administrators; the locals said that despite the government making promises that more chiefs would be deployed, nothing has so far been done to that effect.

The angry residents decried that bhang and cocaine were being transported to Juja every early morning by rich people using huge vehicles.

They took issue with those charged with administration for colluding with peddlers and even demanding for protection fees to allow them to engage in the trade that is destroying the youth in the area.

“We need to be frank with each other; these drugs are being transported every morning in Juja using very lavish vehicles. Our administrators are in the know but nothing is happening. We are requesting for deployment of more chiefs and police to assist us in battling out crimes,” said Kalpesh Jayantila, the area MCA

They stated that despite doing monthly meetings to discuss insecurity and drug abuse, local leaders only engage empty talk as the youth in the area continued being wasted by drugs.

“ I am more concerned with the emergence of hard drugs in Juja, it’s on record that several raids have netted a lot of hard drugs in this region we are wondering whether culprits are being taken to court or their cases are being settled out of court so that money can change hands” lamented the MCA .

Area DCC Charles Mureithi however refuted the allegations that local administrators were colluding with drug barons revealing that the area security networks in close collaboration with the area members of the public have managed to net over 100 drug peddlers in the last 2 months with most of them having being arraigned before courts and handed very deterrent bonds.

“We have engaged bodaboda operators in our fight against crime in this region and so far their collaboration has assisted the area security teams in nailing drug barons who had thought that they can bring drugs into Juja undeterred” , he said

Responding to the residents’ grievances, Njega said that the government was awaiting for approval of the budget by parliament to fast track the process of employing chiefs.

He said that since the President committed himself to the creation of more divisions so as to devolve administration services, more chiefs would be deployed in the area.

He revealed that every assistant chief will receive a motorbike to facilitate their movement before the end of 2018/2019 financial year.

By  Lucy  Wangai

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