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Residents raise alarm over contaminated water 

Residents of Kiundu and parts of Kiamunyeki estates in Lanet Nakuru are at risk of contracting waterborne diseases following pollution of water supplied by the Nakuru  Water  Sanitation and Sewerage Company limited – NAWASSCO.

The  contaminated water has been flowing from their taps for the past four days but the situation worsened late Tuesday evening after water with a foul smell, and a brown coloration started flowing from the taps.

Hotel and butchery operators in the area were forced to pour more than five jerry cans of water that they had fetched in the evening after they discovered the foul smell and coloration.

Some of the residents who had consumed the water earlier were forced to rush to a local facility for checkup for fear of developing stomach complications.

They expressed fear that the water might be contaminated with raw sewage.

They  accused NAWASSCO of ignoring earlier information given to them about contaminated water.

The  Public health officials led by Nakuru County Public Health Officer, Samuel King’ori arrived at the scene and collected samples of the water for testing.

The  NAWASSCO  officials engaged in a blame game and insisted that the water in the area is supplied by the Nakuru rural water and sanitation company- NARUWASCO with the company’s Managing Director, Reuben Korir, saying the area is managed by NAWASSCO.

He  further said that NARUWASCO does not manage sewerage services nor supply water within Nakuru municipality.

Korir  said that it would only be prudent for NAWASSCO to check its piping system to see if any contamination could have occurred.

The  NAWASSCO’s Commercial Manager, James Gathairu confirmed that a team of staff was dispatched to the area in the evening to check on the situation.

This is the second incident in which contaminated water was finding its way to the taps.

Three weeks ago a similar incident was witnessed in Top ten area in Langalanga Nakuru where three people tested positive for amoeba.

By  Jane  Ngugi

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