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Renewed attacks in Marakwet West Pokot border 

Police  in  Marakwet East have launched investigations following the killing of a 65 year old man and stealing of his 50 heads of cattle in Kamalokon village along Elgeyo Marakwet -West Pokot border early this week.

Area  Deputy County Commissioner, Stephen Sangolo said security personnel would do everything possible to ensure that the criminals are apprehended.

“Meanwhile, as police pursue the criminals, we have started meeting with elders from Marakwet and those from West Pokot as we seek a solution to the attacks,” Sangolo said.

He  however, said no suspect has been arrested in connection with the incident and also no animals have been recovered.

Armed  bandits suspected to have come from West Pokot raided Kamalakon area on Monday killing the old man who was herding his animals at around 11.00pm.

In retaliation, bandits from Marakwet East raided their neighbours with unconfirmed reports saying they also killed a 24 year old before stealing animals as well.

The  Area MCA, Paul Kipyatich called on the government to move with speed and arrest the culprits and ensure the animals were returned to prevent an escalation of the attacks as each group seeks revenge.

The area has experienced relative peace after a long period of attacks and counter attacks from communities living along the Marakwet-Baringo-West Pokot border.

Meanwhile, tension remains high in the area according to former area MCA, Benson Kiptire.

By  Alice  Wanjiru

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