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Lari residents Grow bhang to meet Demand for the Drug 


Security agencies in Kiambu country are pursuing leads to the effect that Pockets of inhabitants of Lari and Githunguri sub-counties of Kiambu County have resorted to commercial farming of cannabis sativa (bhang) to make quick earnings.

Kiambu County Commissioner Mr. Wilson Wanyanga revealed that law abiding citizens had availed information to his office that some people in the two sub-counties in the lower part of the county had now opted to growing the crop than buying it from peddlers who are believed to be have been transporting it from Western and Nyanza counties.

Mr. Wanyanga made these remarks  when he briefed KNA from his office on the prevailing status of abuse of drug levels in his jurisdiction.

The Administrator warned that possession, trafficking, planting and growing of bhang was illegal and “anyone found dealing with bhang should know they belong to prison when they will be arrested, any security apparatus are soon catching up with you”

He advised those who were testing it due to peer pressure to abandon the habit as it was addictive and in most cases rendered the smokers to be zombies who could not be entrusted to do anything constructive in their community.

The administrator who is an expert in counselling said the community from the 2 sub-counties were hard working people who had been endowed with large chunks of land that they should put into proper use for the good of those from neighboring counties who lacked the resource.

Saying most people in the region were farmers with ample land, he reiterated that they should use it constructively to change the standards of lives of their families. He reminded them that their growing population required food, clothing and money to pay fees for their children and that they could only succeed if they ventured into food produce which they could sell in the open and not bhang which has been prohibited by Government.

He further impressed on his counterparts on the ground to remain focus and help apprehend anyone who will attempt to defy rules and regulations set up by our institutions and they shall get support from above.

He however lauded those who were their brother’s keepers and were reporting on the ills of some few individuals who were slowly getting into illicit business that will destroy the young generation. “Vital and accurate information has been relayed to security channels with the hope that those getting into such activities that will ruin young lives will stop forthwith.”

“Our officers will intensify their operations and patrols deeper into locations that have been singled out and they will flush them out. So if you are one of those that have transformed your shamba into a destructive den of drugs, I am advising you to uproot it before we catch up with you and parade you in a court of law”Mr.Wanyanga warned.

Possession of cannabis sativa amounts to contravention section 3(1) and 2(a) of the narcotic drugs and psychotropic substance control ACT No 4.of 1994 which provides for a period of 10 years in cases where the handler had it for their own consumption.

By  Lydia Shiroya


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