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Residents want businessman charged 

Residents of Maralal town in Samburu County are questioning why a businessman who was found repackaging sugar and was arrested two weeks ago has not been arraigned in court.

The curious residents are blaming police for taking too long to present him in court after he was found repackaging sugar from Brazil bags into Butali sugar bags in his store.
The wholesale owner was arrested on June 26 as police officers seized 300 bags of suspected illegal sugar from his store, but was later released on a police bond the same day without being taken to court.
“From that time we have been going to court to check if those who were arrested after they were found in possession of illegal sugar have been charged but as we speak nobody has been charged,” said a resident.
John Leamano, another resident, questioned the need for police officers to arrest then fail to present suspect before court to answer to charges for the offences committed.
Police have been called upon to work hard and ensure the suspect has been charged before court to discourage other businessmen who could be selling harmful products to unsuspecting consumers.
“I urge our government to put in more effort to ensure the seized sugar has been destroyed and legal action taken against the owner in a court of law,” he urged.
Samburu County Administration Police Commander Karanja Muiruri said samples for the seized sugar were taken to government chemists for analysis.
He assured residents that the suspect will be charged in court as soon as feedback from the government chemist was received.
“The sugar we seized two weeks ago is in safe custody, we have already recorded statements and we are waiting for a report from the government chemist before arraigning the suspect in court,” he told KNA.
By Robert Githu

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