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Shock as nine girls in same school fall pregnant 

Nine teenagers have been found pregnant in Matutu P.A.G. Secondary School in Gesima Ward, Nyamira County.

When KNA visited the School on Thursday to ascertain the truth, it was shocking to spot three girls with protruding bellies walking towards the school kitchen for their lunch.

Speaking in his office, the School Principal, Charles Osoro confirmed that the school had at least nine cases of pregnant girls spread across all classes.

He said there were four cases of pregnancy in Form one, two girls each in Forms 2 and 3, while one KCSE candidate is also in the family way, a situation that has shocked villagers in Kitutu Masaba constituency.

Osoro said the school administration initially observed strange behaviour among the affected girls and thorough investigations conducted by their female teachers, it was discovered the girls had conceived, presumably outside school, especially during the end of year holidays.

“All the affected girls are day scholars. We don’t have any issues with boarders,” said the head teacher.

The school, with a population of 307 students, has both boarders and day scholars, making it a challenge to monitor and control the girls.

Osoro absolved his staff from blame, saying that the girls had confessed to have had affairs with outsiders, particularly boda boda riders.

The Principal is now blaming parents for poor upbringing and failure to discipline their children.

He also condemned the boda boda riders for preying on innocent teens, adding that his office had reported the matter to relevant authorities for necessary action, with a view to safeguarding lives of vulnerable girls.

“We are having a problem with parents who don’t guide their girls on how to take life challenges,” lamented Osoro.

Initially, the Principal declined to talk to journalists but after intervention by the County Director for Education (CDE), Nelson Sifuna, he agreed to share information, albeit grudgingly.

Meanwhile, the neighbouring Riooga Secondary school was said to be experiencing a similar challenge with around five maternity cases being reported at the institution.

The  School  Principal, Joab  Rasugu said they had three pregnancy cases one per class in form one, two and three, adding that the girls joined his school recently, already pregnant from their previous institutions.

Rasugu said the law allowed pregnant girls to be in school and that was why he admitted them in that state so that when time is due, they are allowed to go home to deliver then come back to school to continue with their education.

“The law doesn’t condemn such girls and that’s why I had to allow them because if you deny them basic education, they will sue you and the law will come for you,” he said.

Elsewhere, the County Women Representative, Jerusha Momanyi, herself a former teacher, has warned those impregnating minors that they would face the full force of law.

She has said on phone that she would form a committee to identify the culprits. “We cannot have beasts in the name of men ruin lives of young girls and have them go scot-free. I am coming for them and the law is very clear,” Momanyi said.

By Daniel Mecha

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