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Migori County Residents says No to Governors’ immunity call 

Irate residents of Migori County have joined other Kenyans in opposing a call by Governors to be granted immunity on court issues while in office.

Led  by  former civic leader, John  Owuor, the residents criticized the governors for planning to shield themselves from prosecution over any economic crime they would commit while in office.

“This cannot be allowed anywhere in the world especially for a group that has been seen to be perpetrating impunity on public finances trusted on them,” said Owuor at a press conference in Migori town on Thursday.

The Council of Governors (CoG) early this week requested governors be granted civil and criminal proceedings immunity like those enjoyed by President.

However, Owuor who was backed by the chairman of the umbrella body of the Migori Civil Society, Titus  Omondi and a host of religious leaders, claimed the call by the governors was a ploy to protect a clique of County bosses now in the list of the anti-graft agencies over financial malpractices within their jurisdictions.

Pastor  Maurice Odoyo of the Ayiego Apostolic Church accused some of the governors of being behind the under developments and huge financial losses witnessed in counties across the Country.

He said it was illogical for the Governors’ council to make such a demand yet billions of shillings meant for public development was being misused with impunity under their watch at the expense of the common people.

“Why should a Governor think that he can continue messing up with public funds and be left to walk scot-free among his poverty stricken subjects in the name of an immunity clause slapped on his office?” posed Pastor Odoyo.

However, the group, that also included political activist Lawrence Nyaiki, retired teachers, Musa Rioba, Paul Gisiri, Robi Mwita and Leah Boke dismissed such efforts by the Governors as futile since majority of Kenyans were united in fighting graft.

The group wondered why the call for immunity was being sought by the County bosses at a time when some of them were being pursued for financial messes in their offices.

By  George  Agimba


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