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Speak out about drug addiction 

A counsellor at Ruiru Level 4 hospital Daniel Muisyo says that people should speak about drug addiction since it’s not a death sentence but a life challenge that can be addressed if shared before it gets out of hand.

Muisyo says that a problem shared is half solved. Some people dread talking about their issues and look at it as a way of washing dirty linen in public which is a misconception.

While talking to KNA at the health institution yesterday, he advised those afflicted by the problem not to bottle up the anguish brought up by drug abuse. He told the victims to be open so that they can get help easily as one may never know where a Good Samaritan may come from.

He explained that addiction can be a silent killer which family and society should guard against whenever they suspected that even one person was slowly getting into it.

Changing the way we talk as individuals and the society is one of the ways which he says can encourage those afflicted to open up. He says friends and the family at large should be accommodative with those who are affected so as to help reduce stigma that removes such people from the larger society.

He explains that addiction is a medical disease, but it is curable when the one who is affected owns up and seeks treatment at the right time. Eliminating stigma helps a person to be bold and confident hence this induces a conducive environment for giving the victim necessary assistance for positive change, he says.

Muisyo adds that our speech and the attitude when addressing the victims matters a great deal and during this challenging time, “we should strictly be observant by ensuring that we use positive words. Creating a more supportive environment encourages and gives them hope.”

He says that the young generation is opting to experiment using drugs because most parents have neglected their duties and so they opt to learn more from their peers who are also learning.

“It doesn’t matter the work you do neither does the level of education you hold. Talking about your addiction relieves you from pent up issues,” Muisyo advices.

He urges the society to be supportive to victims of drug addiction and avoid neglecting them. Taking them to rehabilitation centres is a great step in shaping their lives. We should treat them all equally and always know that it’s not their fault for being in that situation. Giving up on them is not an option as they will continue to be a burden when they reach a point of no return and they are still part of the family, the counsel further says.

The psychological health worker made the remarks in the wake of spirited efforts by Governor of Kiambu Ferdinand Waititu’s programme which he has been faulted for rehabilitating alcoholics. His critics say he was wasting public funds by paying Sh. 400 per day those who have stopped abusing alcohol after working for the community.

By Felista Wanjiku and Lydiah Shiroya

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