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Health professionals to undergo customer care training 

The  Health professionals in the country will go through customer care training so that their interaction with the patients become friendlier, more homely and more professional, Health Cabinet  Secretary (CS), Sicily  Kariuki has said.

Ms. Kariuki said that this will be aimed at ensuring patients get the quality care which is one of the pillars of the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) anchored in the Big Four Agenda .

Speaking while launching the ‘Nursing now’ campaign, Kariuki said together with her team they will move quickly to finalize the nursing policy that will guide where the profession is going with higher level of certainty and being more coherent.

“It is important to celebrate the nurses since most of the time their role is downplayed while they are the people who are the closest to those who seek medical assistance,” explained the CS.

The CS said that as we celebrate the nurses it is also important to remind them that what they do is very critical and honorable since no health team can function without nurses and midwives around them

“Having said that we need to redouble the commitment that we have shown to become more patient centric in the care that we give which then gives the profession the vitality, robustness that is required for us as a country to realize Universal Health Coverage (UHC),” said Kariuki.

She continued  “As we celebrate you I want to remind you that what is required as a profession is a lot more and that is why moving forward I would like to call on you to seek to dialogue when the need arises and not repeat what happened last year.”

Kariuki said that as we celebrate we need to address the declining vaccination levels that were occasioned by the nurses downing their tools.

“We don’t need to down tools to talk to each other and as the leadership of the Ministry, we want to embrace dialogue and we expect you as a profession to meet us half way as we speak, listen and reason together,” she explained.

Kariuki  said that nurses should vow not to take patients down that route again as it was torture for many Kenyans.

“Nurses  interests are at my heart and that is why you saw me act quickly when you heard that nurses will be interpreters for Cuban doctors. It bothered me because we have people who went to school to be interpreters but nurses have a special calling to be able to withstand the agony of sick people day in day out,” said the CS.

The “Nursing Now” is a three-year global campaign run in collaboration with International Council of Nurses (ICN) and World Health Organization (WHO).

The campaign is a programme of the Burdette Trust for nursing whose aim is to improve perceptions of nurses, enhance their influence and maximize their contribution to ensuring that everyone everywhere has access to healthcare.

Countries that have successfully launched Nursing Now campaign include Uganda, Singapore, India, USA, UK, Zimbabwe, Thailand and South Africa among others.

The campaign aims to strengthen nursing and Midwifery leadership towards achieving Universal Health Coverage.

By  Joseph  Ng’ang’a

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