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Club Appeals for Support 

An upcoming football club within Meru County wants government to fulfill its promise to the youth by supporting their sports activities.

Gachanka Football Club based at Gitimbine area within Ntima East Ward of North Imenti constituency feels both the national and county governments have sidelined sports clubs despite heavy promises to empower young people with talents.

The club which is three years old decries of poor playing grounds and lack of financial support thus wasting many football talents that could have been harnessed for the good of the region and the nation.

Kelvin  Muthaura, a player  who also stands in as the coach, said the team could not proceed to higher levels despite having emerged tops at the county level due to financial constraints.

“We have won several trophies which has in turn attracted many youth to join the club. The team has around 60 players which is good for competitiveness,” stated Muthaura.

He is optimistic that the government and other well-wishers will come to their aid so that the team continues shaping upcoming footballers.

The players go through various challenges which include lack of equipment, transport facilities and a substandard pitch.

They accused the county government of abandoning sports since none of their grievances has been addressed.

“We have very dedicated young men talented in football but without an improvement on the current facilities a lot shall be lost,” added Edwin Mureithi, the Football Chairman.

Mureithi noted the role of sports in helping to address challenges affecting the youth such as drug abuse and crime.

“The club has reformed so many youths who could be otherwise be engaging their leisure time in unproductive activities,” he posed.

There are over twenty football clubs in Imenti North which have attracted many young people.

By  Richard  Muhambe

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