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Farmer loses 73 goats to wildlife 

A farmer from Tugen estate in Keiyo North Sub County has lost 108 goats to wild animals since the beginning of 2018, with the latest loss occurring Monday night, when a wild dog killed 73 goats worth Sh800, 000.

The farmer, Patrick Komen said that Monday night was the third and worst time he was suffering losses, noting that earlier on, thirty and 5 goats had been killed at different times.

Noting that it was a lone animal dealing him the blow, he told the press at his farm, “The animal is slowly reducing me to a pauper due to the frequent attacks, yet the Kenya Wildlife Services is yet to compensate me even for the earlier losses.”

Komen said in one of the attacks he succeeded in killing the lone animal which he described as a black animal resembling a dog, with longer front legs and which wildlife officials identified as wild dog.

He expressed frustration at the current turn of events saying he has done everything possible including shifting the shed and using wire mesh to fence it but somehow, this does not seem to deter the animal.

The aggrieved farmer said in the current incident, he heard some noise coming from the shed at around 2.00 am and when he went to check, he saw the animal jump out and run away. “I opened the shed only to find 73 of the goats lying dead while some others were wriggling in pain because they were injured,” he said.

He is now calling on the KWS to track the animal and kill it and save him from suffering further losses.

County warden John Ngaila who led officers from KWS to the farm said they had already laid a trap in a bid to trap the animal. He told the press that several cases of wild dog attacks on animals had been reported to KWS and efforts were being made to trap them.

On being asked how one animal could kill so many goats in such a short time, Ngaila explained that when the wild dog attacks and wants to feast on its catch, it does not entertain any movement around it.

He said the fact that the goats were in one shed, it was obvious it caused commotion that could have been the reason it killed so many, adding that it was capable of killing even more than the 73 if it had more time.

The warden assured the farmer that the compensation process for the previous cases had already started saying despite the delay he would be finally paid. He also advised him to fill compensation claim forms for the current incident.

By Alice Wanjiru

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