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Deputy Governor urges communities that fled violence to return home 

The  Laikipia Deputy Governor, John Mwaniki has urged residents who fled last year’s violence between pastoral communities in the region to return home since peace had been restored in the area.

Mwaniki observed that constant clashes between pastoral communities in the area had led to underdevelopment in the affected areas.

Most of the residents who fled the violence moved to towns such as Nanyuki and Nyahururu where they live in deplorable conditions as street families.

Speaking on Thursday at Munyaka  Primary  School in Lamuria Laikipia East Sub County where he witnessed donation of books worth Sh. 800, 000 by Longhorn Publishers and a local Community Based Organisation, Taifa Peace Ambassadors, Mwaniki  noted with concern that enrolment in learning institutions was on the decline.

“This school has a population of 200 pupils against the expected maximum of 380, where are the rest? We are telling residents to return home and bring back their children to school,” Mwaniki said.

He further said that government prioritizes channeling of resources to areas with high populations and therefore the need for residents to go back to their homes to attract development.

The Deputy Governor added that his government was keen on improving education standards in the county especially in Early Childhood Development learning centres.

The Longhorn Publishers Corporate Business Advisor, Geoffrey Mutiga said that the company was keen on partnering with learning institutions to improve education standards in the country. He promised more donations from the company.

The  Taifa Peace Ambassadors Director, Purity Kendi urged communities in the area to co-exist peacefully in order for learning to take place.

“If we don’t live harmoniously with each other we shall end up with uneducated children since they cannot attend school when there is conflict.” Kendi observed.

She said that her organization was keen on promoting peace in the region in order to foster development.

By  Martin  Munyi

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