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Fears as Predator kills Livestock 

some of the killed sheep and goats by the unknown animal

Mtondia residents have expressed fear and uncertainty following reports that a predator was on the loose in the area over the past one month.

The visibly shaken residents told journalists that the unknown beast was killing their sheep and goats at the grazing fields and were now worried that the predator could turn to the residents.

Speaking on behalf of the residents, Agnes Ngetsa a farmer who lost nine goats and four sheep said the unknown animal was becoming a serious threat not only to the livestock but even to the residents especially their children.

part of the grazing fields where the livestock were killed

part of the grazing fields where the livestock were killed

She said the animal that mostly devoured the livestock during the day time may shift to the children who attend to the livestock at the grazing fields.

“We are afraid that this animal may start attacking our young boys who normally look after the livestock and can also attack us at our homes because the grazing fields are a few metres from our houses,” she said.

Ngetsa said the residents have even resolved not to go out at night because of the fear of the animal and appealed to the security organs involved to ensure that investigation is done and the animal is established and captured for the safety of the animal.

Kilifi North sub county Veterinary officer Doctor Jack Omolo who was at the scene confirmed that the livestock died of penetrating bite wounds on their abdomen, chest and necks.

“These bite wounds seem poisonous and it could be a wild animal or a pack of stray dogs but let us not speculate we will investigate,” he said.

Omolo cautioned the residents not to feast on the meat of the dead animals saying the meat was not fit for human consumption and could be poisonous.

Reacting to the sentiments of the residents, Kilifi OCPD Mr. Justine Nyaga appealed to the residents to be calm adding that the relevant authorities were working around the clock to ensure that the residents were safe and free from any harm.

By Harrison Yeri


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