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Polio received positively in Bungoma 


Vaccination of polio has been received positively in Bungoma County amid calls by the Catholic Church to boycott the exercise.
Bungoma outgoing Director of Medical Service, Dr. Kubasu Wekesa, said in his office Thursday that his staff have remained hopeful that they will achieve 369, 918 target for children under five years in the county and assured residents that the vaccine is safe as it has been approved by WHO and the government.
He said that for the five days since the onset of the vaccination exercise parents and guardians have agreed to avail their children to be vaccinated.
“We vaccinated 93,340 children on Saturday when we started and did 100,799 on Sunday which was day two we are yet to compile our day three four and five reports”, he disclosed.
Dr. Okubasu hailed residents of the county for their reception adding that no ugly incident had been witnessed since the exercise kicked off on 1st of August.
This time round children of Bungoma will not get vitamin A which has routinely accompanied the polio vaccination in the past said Okubasu.
He said that health workers and volunteers who are doing vaccination house to house have not received any hostility except for one or two cases which was handled administratively.
He however cited more rains as a challenge especially in Cheptais region where the terrain is harsh and roads impassable.
The exercise had been scheduled to take place for five days ending Thursday with a lot of optimism that they will surpass their 100% mark.
Meanwhile in an interview with residents, KNA established that most people are for the vaccination citing severe effects of the polio if it strikes.
A mother Christine Nafula from Mayanja in Bungoma South Sub County asked the Catholic Church to go slow on the advice against the vaccination.
She said that Kenyans have been getting vaccinations and have not reported cases of adverse effects and did not mind her children getting the vaccinations.

By Pauline Ikanda


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