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A family seeks financial assistance for treatment of their child 

Mr. and Mrs Stephen Maina, parents of baby Francis Mugane who needs Sh. 1.2 million for corrective surgery of his heart at a India hospital. The family of the baby suffering from two heart disorders appeals for well-wishers to support them in raising funds for treatment of their child.

 Picture by Bernard Munyao

The Life of a 1-year- old Francis Mugane who is suffering from heart disorders hangs in the balance after his family failed to raise Sh. 1.2 million required for his treatment.
The child who is suffering from transposition of the great arteries and double outlet right ventricle is expected to fly to India for correction of the heart complications since the type of surgery required is hardly done in Kenya but his parents cannot afford the hefty amount required.

“My son was diagnosed with the two heart disorders early this year and was supposed to travel to India three months ago but the journey failed due to lack of money,” his mother Hellen Nyambura lamented.

“The child was diagnosed with the heart problems at Kiambu District Hospital and the doctors advised me to seek urgent treatment but we have been unable to raise the money as we have exhausted all our meager resources .” decried Nyambura.

She said that the child is now taking eight different types of drugs to contain the problem which may lead to heart failure adding that the condition is also weakening his immune system.

“The drugs the child is taking have caused sores in his mouth and he is unable to sleep and feed well, a problem which has slowed his growth. He looks like a newborn despite his age and he is weak since he doesn’t feed well and also the impact of the drugs he is taking. Currently I don’t work since the baby’s condition forced me to close my business to take care of him and my husband also works in a small business which cannot cater for all the family needs and the sick child.” lamented Nyambura.

Mugane’s father Stephen Maina appealed to well-wishers to help them get him treated. “Every month we spend at least Sh. 10, 000 to meet his medical checkups and medications and this has drained the little money I earn from my small business,” narrated Maina.

The family can be reached on cell phone number 0724 499 473


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