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National government gives chiefs motorcycle 


The National government has bought all chiefs in Kisumu County motorcycles to facilitate their official work.

County Commissioner John Elungata said each of the 50 chiefs will be given a motorcycle to enhance their access while discharging their duties.

“Our chiefs will now be able to reach all places on time in response and also in normal discharge of duties,” he said.

He said the program was launched to solve the challenge of transport that the chiefs have been facing especially those working in tough terrain that also face cases of insecurity.

“We received complaints that the chiefs could not reach some places due to lack of efficient transport and vehicles,” said Elung’ata.

The County Commissioner made the remarks when he commissioned the distribution of the motorcycles outside his office today in Kisumu.

“This comes as early Christmas for the first ten as we still expect the rest for the others,” opined the commissioner.

Elungata said the motorcycles, which are branded with government emblem and official government registration numbers will be in the custody of the chiefs and will also have work tickets.

“The Chiefs will be required to adhere to regulations and ensure they write work tickets for official duties they will be performing,” he added.
By Odhiambo Otieno

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