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Senators oppose parliamentarians move to bar them from contesting for governors seats 

Senators Emma Mbura , Nominated senator Godliver Omondi  and Kirinyaga senator Daniel Karaba  pose for a photo  outside the county office, after a visit to Kirinyaga governor Joseph Ndathi. 
Photo by Irungu Mwangi

Senators have told off some MPs who are scheming to block those aspiring for gubernatorial positions.
Mombasa senator Emma Mbura said Senators are also covered by the constitution and nowhere does it block them from aspiring for the positions in the 2017 general elections.
She said those senators interested in the positions will definitely do so when the existing offices are dissolved.
“I do not know why some MPs view Senators as enemies yet some of these legislators have already declared their interests in the gubernatorial positions. I do not see why the fuss since the constitution, which is our guide is clear,’’ Mbura said.
She said everyone in Kenya can vie for any elective position as long as they have met the set conditions for the position.
Mbura made the remarks on Tuesday in Kirinyaga during a visit by the Delegated legislation Committee, after a meeting with the governor Joseph Ndathi.
Nominated senator Godliver Omondi, said Governors should not view them as enemies when they visit respective Counties for oversight purposes, saying they were undertaking their constitutional mandate.
She expressed shock at incidents where some governors run away from their offices whenever the committee visits their counties.
Omondi said most of the counties they had visited, the respective governors had either avoided the committee or literary run away.
“Instead of the hide and seek game, governors should sit with us, enumerate their problems so that we can report back to the House our findings for the necessary remedial action,’’ she said.
Governor Joseph Ndathi said there was urgent need for a bill that would stipulate the role of the county executive and the county assemblies during public participation.
He said as it is now, nominated MCAs are isolated when it comes to facilitation for the public participation.
Ndathi said there were concerns that the MCAs selectively invite those to take part in public participation forums in their respective Wards without the involvement of the County Executive.
By Irungu Mwangi

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