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The Information Communication Technology (ICT) unit provides regular, timely and accurate data and information for the purposes of policy formulation, planning and evidence-based decision making.

The section also administers the website, email communication, Local Area Network (LAN) at department headquarters and field stations and provides internal ICT training and users support. The section also provides specific technical services to all other sections in the department and the requisite ICT services user support by way of trouble-shooting and limited maintenance services. Additionally, the unit provides technical support to the Public Relations unit in regards to the implementation of the Digital signage system and the IP-telephony system.

In instances where the Department is required to procure and install ICT equipment and software, the unit provides technical advice in terms of technical specifications and subsequent inspection of the equipment and software procured. The unit also liaises closely with other sections in ICT matters that relate to the wider ICT sector in the government.

The Section is guided by an ICT Policy which guides the mainstreaming of ICT in the Department. It has been developed in acknowledgement of the growing importance of ICT in supporting operations in the Department. The Policy aims at achieving efficiency and effectiveness accruing from the application of ICT and ultimately improving service delivery.


Contact Person

Name:                          Esther Wanjau

Address:                       P.O.Box 8053-00300, Nairobi

E-mail Address:  

Telephone No.             +254-20-4920000  Ext. 3054