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Aspirant’s supporters burn copies of a Daily Newspaper 

Protesters burning copies of Daily Nation Newspapers  at Makutano Stage in Meru on Good Friday April 14, 2017. Photo By Richard Muhambe

Supporters of Meru Senator Kiraitu Murungi took to the streets of Meru Friday protesting the findings of an Infortrack survey which indicated that the senator was trailing the incumbent governor on opinion polls.
Kiraitu’s supporters protested at the Makutano Stage in Meru Town and burnt Thursday copies of the Daily Nation newspaper which they termed as biased.
The protestors burned several copies of the daily paper for carrying a story of an Infotrak survey which showed that 41.1 per cent of Meru voters would support Governor Peter Munya’s re-election.
The poll indicated that senator Kiraitu was trailing behind Munya at 29 per cent.
The youths, majority of them bodaboda riders, ridiculed Governor Munya and questioned the validity of the Infortrak opinion poll’s claiming they were not reached during the survey.
The riders said they had been angered with the governor’s administration which they accused of harassing them.
“We have bodaboda sheds yes but do they add any value to our work,” said James Mwenda, one of the protestors.
Mwenda argued that there was no public participation before erecting the sheds which he claimed had been turned into stalls for dealers in secondhand clothes.
The protestors stated that they will vote for an individual based on ideas and not on the basis of age.
“The survey must have been manipulated since there was no way a PNU aspirant can be popular in a region where Jubilee commands an overwhelming support,” added the protestor.
Meanwhile, residents allied to Governor Munya claimed the protestors had failed to accept the reality condemning the burning of newspapers meant to inform the public.
Titus Mutwiri said the protestors should have vented their anger on the opinion polls firm instead of razing the newspaper that only reported what the survey had revealed.
“Even those burning the papers cannot afford to buy one on their own. The papers must have been bought by an interested party who mobilised the protestors to drive a political agenda,” argued Mutwiri.
On Thursday governor Munya gave state of the county address in the County Assembly where he spend hours highlighting development projects achieved since he took office in 2013.
The governor cited developments in the health sector where he said his government had reduced the distance initially travelled by those seeking health services from over 10 kilometres to 7 kilometres on average.
“My government has established new health facilities and equipped them with modern infrastructure to improve service delivery,” said Munya in his state of the county address.
Eleven Members of the County Assembly most of them nominated were ordered out of the chambers after they started blowing whistles to interrupt the governor’s speech.
Abothuguchi West MCA Daniel Kiogora rose on the floor terming the governor’s speech a hoax full of lies.
It happened after the governor mentioned the developments of road sector across wards in the county.
By Richard Muhambe

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