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Children Express their views on Children Act 2010 

Some of the children representatives speak during the Nyanza regional public forum on the proposed Children's Bill 2016 in Kisumu on Tuesday April 11, 2017. They want support to needy students not to be limited to only those who are bright. (Photo by KNA)

Children in Nyanza region have raised a red flag on the lengthy bureaucracy in addressing children’s issues.

The children have taken issue with the principle of providing sponsorship or social security on the basis being bright and needy terming it discriminatory.
The children representatives, who were giving their views during the Nyanza regional public forum on the proposed Children’s Bill 2016, said that the criteria of only bright and needy students being used by various organizations to give sponsorship and social support to students failed to take cognizance of difficulties facing children beyond the restricted school environment.


The bright and needy criteria also fail to recognize sponsorship for other abilities except passing of national examinations.

They said an all-inclusive criterion should be designed to benefit all children in difficult circumstances equally.


The children said they support the banning of corporal punishment in schools by the ministry of education but demanded that all schools must have sufficient grounds to play.
On government bureaucracy, they opined that issues affecting children should be handled delicately with a reduced bureaucracy not stretching beyond a week.
The children also pinpointed the anomaly propagated by the continued special attention paid to the girl child saying it was causing criminalizing of the boy child in areas even where discrimination does not arise.


They said children should be treated equally.
The children made their observations during official opening of the forum presided over by the Deputy Director of Children services Kellen Karanu in a Kisumu hotel on Tuesday.



 By George Kaiga


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