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Civil Servants’ Demand on New NHIF scheme, 


Civil Servants in Murang’a County want the government to consult them exhaustively before implementing the proposed post-retirement medical insurance scheme.

In a meeting convened today by the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF), for civil servants of all cadres, the workers expressed concern that the proposed scheme will lead to further deductions from their pay.

They claimed that the government could be colluding with the Union of Civil Servants to deduct more money from their salaries after an increment expected in July.

The National Chairman of the Kenya Union of Civil Servants, John Nzau, however said the proposal is still in its initial stages and what was needed at that moment was feedback from the civil servants on whether they felt the need for the scheme.

Nzau said the post retirement scheme would come in handy for retired officers unlike currently when they have to individually procure medical covers or rely on well-wishers to cater for their medical bills.

In a questionnaire requiring that a civil servant states whether they were in support of the scheme or not, there were no details of how the scheme would be implemented or how much one would be expected to contribute.

While there was general agreement that it was important for civil servants to have a fall back medical scheme after retirement, the participants warned that it should not be construed as having given a blank cheque for their employer to determine without consultation the amount of money to be contributed.

The meeting had been convened by NHIF to sensitize civil servants on their medical scheme and the proposed post retirement medical insurance as well as monitoring and evaluating of the current civil servants’ scheme.


By Judith Thuo        



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