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Gem CDF declares war on fall army worms 

Farmers load cartons of "Tremor" insecticide outside the Gem CDF offices in Wagai. The pesticide, purchased by the CDF was distributed to farmers through their chiefs to enable them combat the Fall Army Worm that has invaded farms in the area.

Photo by Philip Onyango

Gem Member of Parliament, Jakoyo Midiwo talking to journalists at Wagai. Photo by Philip Onyango

Gem Member of Parliament, Jakoyo Midiwo talking to journalists at Wagai. Photo by Philip Onyango

Gem constituency development fund on Thursday distributed pesticides to farmers in the area to combat the spread of fall army warms.

Area member of parliament, Jakoyo Midiwo said the CDF had spent one million shillings to purchase “Tremor” pesticides known to kill the worms.
Speaking in Wagai in his constituency, the legislator said that the 209 cartons of the pesticide will be distributed through the chiefs, their assistants and village elders to reach all farmers.
Midiwo lamented that despite the infestation, the Siaya county government that is supposed to take charge of agricultural activities and control of the pests had done nothing to come to the aid of the farmers.
“Agriculture is a devolved function, yet our county government here is doing nothing to tackle the menace that threatens our food security,” said the legislator, adding that GEM CDF had been forced to intervene to save hundreds of acres of crop under attack.
He accused Governor Cornel Rasanga of directing the resources towards his political campaigns and starving off critical sectors that would benefit the common man.
Last week, the Siaya county director of agriculture, Mr. Isaac Munyendo confirmed the invasion of the army worms in various parts of the county.
He however said that his department was yet to put in place strategies to combat the fast multiplying worms as they were still conducting surveillance.
Mr. Munyendo said that the destructive worms known to devour maize and other food crops in large numbers were first sighted in Usonga location three weeks ago before spreading to other parts of the county.

By Philip Onyango

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